Asking the Right Questions: A Visual Guide to Tuberculosis Case Management for Nurses

Asking the Right Questions: A Visual Guide to Tuberculosis Case Management for Nurses is an educational toolkit useable for self-paced learning or for a combination of facilitated classroom and self-paced learning. It has three components:

  1. The Visual Guide (poster) presents a timeline of the full TB case management process and critical questions to ask throughout the process. (PDF format; downloadable from the Web Guide; printable as a 3' x 6' color poster or as an 11"x17" black-and-white handout)
  2. The Reference Guide takes the critical questions another level deeper and briefly explains relevant concepts and hyperlinks to training materials and to national guidelines and selected publications (PDF format; downloadable from the Web Guide)
  3. The Web Guide offers several features for exploring questions and concepts. These features include: an interactive exploration of critical questions that links to Reference Guide topics and hyperlinks, a presentation about the TB case management timeline this is part of the Visual Guide, an online glossary, and downloadable learning guides for self-paced or mixed self-paced and classroom-based learning curricula. (Flash presentation with downloadable Word and PDF files)

To put these materials to use, two learning guides suggest training curricula for self-paced learning and for a combination of self-paced and classroom-based learning, adaptable to the needs of your jurisdiction or agency. The Facilitator’s Guide offers suggestions for presenting a curriculum that combines self-paced study with classroom discussion and activities. The Self-Paced Learning Guide outlines a learning curriculum that can be completed by the learner at his or her own pace.

Target Audience

  • Nurses in the public and private health sectors
  • Outreach workers
  • Healthcare workers in facilities where cases are found
  • Community-based providers who may identify TB suspects or help to treat patients with TB


Learners can use the Asking the Right Questions educational toolkit for their own self-paced study or to train others to

  1. Prompt critical thinking about TB case management
  2. Find relevant basic national training materials
  3. Get an overview of the full TB case management timeline


Two TB professionals made important contributions to develop this product. Kim Field, BSN, PHN, RN, MSN, of the Washington State TB Control Program, developed the initial idea for the product and served as a subject matter expert throughout its development. Dr. Masae Kawamura, of the San Francisco TB Control Program provided her expertise as the medical content reviewer.

Completion Time

Completion time will vary depending upon the toolkit features each learner chooses to view and study.

Continuing Education Credits

Note: CITC is not offering CME and CNE credits for this educational toolkit.

Technical Requirements

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Date of Original Release

This educational toolkit was released in December 2010.

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