Shelters and TB: What Staff Need to Know,
Second Edition

About This Video and Viewer’s Guide

The Curry International Tuberculosis Center is pleased to develop this video and viewer’s guide to help your shelter create a healthy and safe environment. This fundamental TB infection control information can help you and your staff prevent the spread of TB.

Target Audience

How to Use These Materials


Ideally all shelter staff and volunteers should view the entire video. However, if there is not enough time to view the entire video, the video is divided into two parts that can be viewed separately and by two different groups of staff.

Viewer’s Guide

The accompanying viewer’s guide expands on the content covered in the 18-minute video and serves as a reference guide containing additional information, resources, templates, and checklists to help establish your shelter’s TB infection control policy. To maximize your learning experience, we recommend that you read the viewer’s guide after watching the video.

A Word About Recommendations

Efforts have been made to ensure that this video and viewer’s guide includes applicable recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, it may not address every issue of interest to all regulatory agencies. Since regulations and guidelines may vary by county and state, facilities should review local, state, and federal guidelines when applying this information to their programs.

Release Dates

Date of original release: December 2004

Date of second edition release: January 2008, December 2013

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