Homelessness and TB

Tuberculosis Infection Control: A Practical Manual for Preventing TB

This manual provides up-to-date information about the guidelines and regulations pertaining to TB infection control, methods of reducing the risk of TB infection, and facility-specific guidelines for reducing the risk and dealing with potential exposure.

Tuberculosis Infection Control: A Practical Manual for Preventing TB contains information, forms, signs, and user-friendly tools for clinics, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other parties interested in the prevention and control of tuberculosis. The 5 settings and 12 appendices address environmental controls in detail for:

Homelessness and TB Toolkit

Developed in collaboration with CDC, National Health Care for the Homeless Council, US Interagency Council on Homelessness, and many other health and social service organizations, the Homelessness and TB Toolkit contains guidelines, forms, signs, educational materials, and other resources collected from many sources in the United States and Canada. The forms are presented as templates that can be modified or edited for a given site’s needs.

Shelters and TB: What Staff Need to Know, Second Edition

Designed for homeless shelter staff, Shelters and TB: What Staff Need to Know is an 18-minute training video about how to prevent the spread of TB in homeless shelters.

After viewing this video and accompanying viewer’s guide, the user will be able to describe:

  • what TB is
  • how it is spread
  • what to do when staff suspects someone with TB
  • how to develop and implement a TB infection control policy
  • how shelters and health departments can work together to create a healthy and safe environment for staff and clients