Archived Newsletter

CITC Newsletter Spring 2018

World TB Day 2018 highlights | CDC names Ann Loeffler and Jerry Jew as TB Elimination | Champions Marcos Burgos and Ann Scarpita join Warmline faculty

CITC Newsletter - Winter 2017

CDC selects CITC to serve as Western Region TB Center of Excellence | New TB control leaders in the Western Region | Meeting at the Four Corners

CITC Newsletter - Spring 2017
TB Projects in the Marshall Islands | World TB Day highlights | Faculty profile - Neha Shah, MD, MPH

CITC Newsletter - Winter 2016

A Tribute to David Park, MD | Stop TB USA Engages Community for TB Elimination | Faculty Profile - Mike Carson, MS

CITC Newsletter - Summer 2016

Civil Surgeons: Key Partners for TB Elimination | New TB Treatment Guidelines Released | Faculty Profile - Chris Keh, MD

CITC Newsletter - Spring 2016

Jennifer Flood named a “TB Elimination Champion” | Survival Guide 3rd Edition Now Available | Faculty Profile - Lisa True, RN, MS

CITC Newsletter - Winter 2015
Denver Metro Tuberculosis Clinic |Top Infectious Disease Killer in 2014 | Faculty Profile - Julie Low, MD
CITC Newsletter - Fall 2015
Cohort Review on the Global Stage | Obama MDR-TB Action Plan | Faculty Profile - Barbara J. Seaworth, MD, FIDSA, FACP
CITC Newsletter - Spring 2015
Los Angeles County TB Control Program | UCSF Faculty Noted for Global TB Control | Faculty Profile - Heidi Behm, RN, MPH
CITC Newsletter Fall/Winter 2014
NTCA Milestone: 20 Years of Advocacy and Action | Firland Northwest Tuberculosis Center Marks One-Year Anniversary | Faculty Profile - Stephanie Spencer, MA.