Latent TB Infection

LTBI Flipbook: A Patient Education Tool

This product was developed as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and TB Centers of Excellence, U.S. Affiliated Pacific Island initiative. The flipbook is designed as a guide and teaching tool for healthcare personnel to use when providing patient education to persons at risk for TB infection, or newly diagnosed with LTBI. It contains basic information on latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI), its diagnosis, transmission, treatment benefits and potential side effects. 

Latent TB Videos for Healthcare Providers

Latent TB Videos for Healthcare Providers is a series of three videos designed to help providers talk to their patients about latent TB infection testing and treatment. The two-minute videos, produced by TB Free California in collaboration with CITC, cover the topics: Why Should I Get Testing for Latent TB?  Why Do I Need Treatment for Latent TB? and I Received the BCG Vaccine: Do I Still Need Latent TB Testing and Treatment?