List of Warmline Consultants

Carolyn Bargman, RN-C, MA
Nurse Case Manager/Educator  
Boulder County Public Health TB Control
Denver Metro TB Clinic 

Heidi Behm, RN, MPH 
TB Controller
Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Robert W. Belknap, MD
Director, Denver Metro TB Program, Denver Health and Hospital Authority; 
Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Colorado

Marcos Burgos, MD
TB Medical Director
TB Prevention Program
New Mexico Department of Health

Adithya Cattamanchi, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Henry Chambers, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director, Clinical Research Services
Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
University of California, San Francisco

Alicia H. Chang, MD, MS
Deputy Director, TB Control Program
Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health

Lisa Chen, MD
CITC Principal Investigator/Medical Director
Curry International TB Center
Professor, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Mikhaela Cielo, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
Pediatric Infectious Disease Department
Los Angeles County Medical Center

Charles L. Daley, MD
Head, Division of Mycobacterial and Respiratory Infections
National Jewish Health
Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

James Gaensbauer, MD, MScPH
Pediatric TB Consultant, Denver Metro TB Clinic, CO Dept of Public Health/Environment; Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Children’s Hospital CO and Denver Health; Asst Prof of Pediatrics and Epi, Univ of CO School of Medicine, Center for Global Health, CO School of Public Health

Lisa Goozé, MD
TB Controller
San Mateo County Health Department

Michelle Haas, MD
Attending Physician, Denver Metro TB Control, Denver Health
Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Julie Higashi, MD, PhD
TB Controller
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Philip Hopewell, MD
Professor, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

David J. Horne, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Division of Pulmonary and
Critical Care Medicine
University of Washington
Director, Firland Northwest TB Center

Chris E. Keh, MD
Medical Director, TB Control Section
San Francisco Department of Public Health

Brian Lee, MD, FAAP
Co-Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
Director, Pediatric Tuberculosis Program
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Ann M. Loeffler, MD
Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Hospitalist
Medical Director, Outreach Education
Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

Karen A. Martinek, RN, MPH
Nurse Epidemiologist [retired]
Division of Public Health
State of Alaska Department of Health and Human Services

Payam Nahid, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Masa Narita, MD
Director, Tuberculosis Control Program
Public Health - Seattle & King County
Professor, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center

Ann Raftery, RN, PHN, MS
Associate Medical Director
Curry International TB Center

Randall Reves, MD
Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Ann Scarpita, BSN, MPH
TB Nurse Consultant
Tuberculosis Program
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Gisela F. Schecter, MD, MPH
Consultant, Multidrug-Resistant TB Service
TB Control Branch
California Department of Public Health

Christopher Spitters, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Tuberculosis Clinic
Public Health - Seattle & King County
Clinical Associate Professor
Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
University of Washington School of Medicine

Kristen Wendorf, MD, MS
Public Health Medical Officer
Chief, Program Development Section, TB Control Branch, Division of Communicable Disease Control, Center for Infectious Diseases, California Dept of Public Health

Warmline Consultation Service

Phone keypad.

The CITC Warmline Service provides clinical TB consultation, pediatric case consultation, and TB prevention recommendations to private- and public-sector clinicians free of charge. (The service is not a substitute for medical care or consultation with local experts.) Warmline consultants are experienced clinicians and academic faculty in the field of TB affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco and other TB centers.

Telephone: 415-502-4700 or 877-390-6682 (toll-free)

Times/Days: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Voicemail is available to record incoming messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Warmline consultation requests are received by a CITC staff member who collects and records basic details about the inquiry. The information is then forwarded to the consultant on duty for that week. Callers receive a telephone response from the consultant within two business days. Warmline inquiries can also be sent to the CITC email address,

All inquiries should include: Caller's name; name of agency; city and state; email address; phone number and best time(s) for caller to be reached; and a summary of the caller's question(s). In accordance with privacy laws, please do not include the patient's name or any other unique patient identifiers.

New in 2018: CITC now offers longitudinal TB medical consultation for providers or programs on a case-by-case basis for ongoing advice on challenging cases; i.e., drug-resistant TB, cases complicated by co-existing conditions, or other difficult circumstances. A dedicated physician/nurse team of Curry consultants can provide advice regarding diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing case management.

Please note: Requests from outside the TB COE Western Region are referred to the TB COE that serves the requester's jurisdiction.

Download Warmline Flyer (PDF, 204 KB)