Mini-fellowship Training Program


Thank you for your interest in our mini-fellowship training program. We have reached capacity for 2022. We plan to post the 2023 application by Fall of 2022. Please send us an email if you have any questions.



The Curry International Tuberculosis Center offers mini-fellowship trainings to TB care providers (MDs, nurses, support staff) from the western region of the United States to provide first-hand knowledge and experience in carrying out TB control activities. The goal is to share TB expertise and knowledge with US-based healthcare providers from a variety of settings. Our Center tries to meet the individual needs of those who attend by assessing areas of practice and communities served, and matching your identified objectives with appropriate activities. In order to take advantage of this unique opportunity, please complete the application and indicate those experiences you think will best meet your needs. Upon receipt of your completed application form, we will contact you regarding your acceptance into the program.


In order to apply for a fellowship, the applicant must use this form to:

  1. Provide a written statement of purpose for needing to attend and what you hope to gain by the experience.
  2. Provide background information on your career experience.
  3. Identify the length of training and specific topic(s) of interest in TB control and type of training being sought (e.g., field training, clinical management, laboratory).
  4. Provide several possible dates (month/year) when available to attend.

In addition:

Administrative details:

  • Applicants will be responsible for making and paying for their own travel arrangements.
  • Upon completion of the training (and preferably within 2 weeks of return to work), the applicant will complete an evaluation form to provide written feedback to the Curry Center on the fellowship experience. 

From a recent mini-fellow in the Pacific Northwest who wanted to learn more about genomic surveillance tools, collaboration on cross-state-border contact investigations, and lab testing protocols:

I gained what I hoped to and more. Perhaps the most valuable outcome is the professional connections this opportunity helped me to build. I feel supported by my colleagues and am confident that they will be willing to advise on issues or projects in the f