Please note that applicants will be informed of their registration status within 1 week following the application deadline. In order to ensure a diverse group of participants from the target audience within the western region, all applications are reviewed once the registration period closes and priority is not given to early applications.

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All of our trainings are free of charge. 


CITC Core Trainings

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San Diego Civil Surgeons: New Mandatory TB Requirements

September 17, 2019, 12pm-1:30pm Pacific Time Zone

Webinar [online]

This training is intended for civil surgeons and their medical staff in San Diego who complete medical examinations of applicants seeking to adjust their immigration status in the United States.

(Application closed)


Clinical Updates on Tuberculosis and STDs

September 30 - October 1, 2019

Las Vegas, NV [off-site]

This training is intended for clinicians in Nevada, as well as Utah, Arizona, and Southern California. This training is a collaboration between the Curry Center and the California PTC.

(Application open; deadline September 13th)


Tuberculosis Case Management and Contact Investigation Intensive

October 8-11, 2019

Oakland, CA [off-site]

This training is intended for nurses and other licensed medical care providers who provide TB case management of patients with active or latent tuberculosis within the public health setting.

(Application closed)


Tuberculosis Program Manager's Intensive

November 18-21, 2019

Oakland, CA [off-site]

This training is intended for nurses, physicians, and other health professionals working as tuberculosis program managers.

(Application open; deadline October 31st)


Completed 2019 Trainings

Caravanning with Community Partners to Provide LTBI Care

Mar 13 / Off-site training

Tuberculosis Case Management and Contact Investigation Intensive

Mar 19-22 / Off-site training

STD HIV LTBI Clinical Update

May 7 / Off-site training

*This training was planned in partnership with the California Prevention Training Center, the Arizona AIDS Education and Training Center (AETC), and other partners. 

Focus on TB Prevention

June 5 / Off-site training 

Supporting Patients with Latent TB Infection: What Nurses Need to Know

June 20 / Off-site training

Tuberculin Skin Testing: Training of Trainers

June 21 / Off-site training

"Doctor I feel fine..." Treating Latent TB in Your Practice

June 22 / Off-site training

Focus on LTBI

June 25 / Off-site training

Tuberculosis Clinical Intensive

June 26-27 / Off-site training

Tuberculosis Nursing Workshop

June 28 / Off-site training

2019 CDC/NTCA Recommendations for Health Care Personnel: What TB Programs Need to Know

August 28 / Webinar

Focus on LTBI

September 3 / Off-site training

Tuberculosis Clinical Intensive

September 4-6 / Off-site training