On-demand Webinar Program


The On-demand Webinar Program is an effort to target timely tuberculosis (TB) in-service training to healthcare workers within in TB control programs or in other medical settings where TB or latent TB infection (LTBI) is diagnosed and treated.

This training format will deliver brief, targeted sessions that can fit into lunch hour or staff meeting time frames. Each live webinar will be 30-45 minutes in length. The topic area and date/time for training will be suggested by the jurisdiction submitting the application and, once approved, the faculty, final date/time, and learning objectives, etc. will be developed by CITC in partnership with the applicant. Requesting agencies will be informed of their application status no later than 4 weeks prior to the final date of the webinar. Topics requested on this application should reflect current, specific challenges that the program is facing which can be addressed by an expert(s) in the field during a focused, interactive session. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the live web-based presentation. 

Thank you for your interest in this training opportunity. We are now accepting applications for 2024. 

Role of the hosting jurisdiction:

  • Submit On-demand Webinar Program application which includes:
    • topic
    • a range of dates and times to conduct training
  • Join with CITC staff in at least one planning call to determine that presentation/objectives are appropriate for the target audience
  • Market and publicize training to target audience
  • Ensure that staff is provided time to participate in webinar
  • Provide A/V and other technical support, including web access for the presentation, at requesting agency’s worksite

Role of Curry International Tuberculosis Center:

  • Provide webinar broadcast services, including (if needed) telephone access for participants
  • Identify and recruit a subject matter expert/faculty in the requested topic area
  • Assist in development of training topic, objectives, presentation materials
  • Evaluate webinar and provide summary of feedback to requesting jurisdiction

To apply, complete the online application. Please include:

  1. A written statement indicating why you are interested in hosting an On-Demand Webinar for your agency.
  2. Provide several possible training dates/times that would work for you.
  3. Any additional comments that may help course planners better accommodate your training needs.

Administrative details:

  1. Applications for an On-demand Webinar training to be conducted are due no later than 8 weeks prior to your preferred training date.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by CITC program staff.  All applicants will be informed of their application status no later than 4 weeks prior to confirmed training date.

On-demand Webinar Program Application