[Archived] Exploding Head Zone -- The Interface of Molecular and Growth-Based Drug Susceptibility Testing

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75-Minute On-Demand Webinar
Originally aired January 25, 2017


Webinar Materials: www.currytbcenter.ucsf.edu/trainings/lab-webinar/materials

This 75-minute training was created for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who diagnose and treat patients with TB. The training focused on how to put together results from both conventional growth-based and molecular methods of TB drug susceptibility testing (including conflicting or contradictory results) to request further testing and/or design optimal treatment regimens for TB patients. This is part of Curry's On-Demand Webinar series.

*The webinar is based on a presentation given during the 2016 Denver NTCA meeting.

*CME and CE units are not being offered for this recording and there is no participant evaluation.


Ed Desmond, PhD
Research Scientist Supervisor II
Microbial Diseases Laboratory
California Department of Public Health
Richmond, CA



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