Building Resilience: Keeping Mentally Healthy to Keep Moving Forward

Building Resilience: Keeping Mentally Healthy to Keep Moving Forward

90-Minute Webinar
Originally aired October 19, 2021


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This training was created for tuberculosis nurses, nurse case managers, and public health nurses. The US healthcare system is confronting a moment of challenge and transition. Healthcare workers are intensely impacted by the evolving presence of COVID-19 variants, professional burnout, vicarious trauma, and staffing retention and recruitment challenges. This webinar will provide healthcare workers with an experiential and interactive session about how to harness the resiliency needed to meet this moment and to protect health and wellbeing. In a supportive environment, participants will cultivate a shared vocabulary and develop skills to integrate trauma awareness and strengths-focused resiliency into their lives. This webinar is part of a collaborative Nurse Education Series. The 4 Tuberculosis Centers of Excellence for Training, Education, and Medical Consultation (TB COEs) have partnered with the National Tuberculosis Nursing Coalition (NTNC) to offer this collaborative tuberculosis nurse case conference series. 

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*CME and CE units are not being offered for this recording and there is no participant evaluation.*


  Sandra Valdes-Lopez, MDiv, CA, TCTSY-F, RYT
  Trauma Informed Clinical Support Specialist/
  Wellness & Education Consultant
  The Community Resiliency Model (CRM)®
  Teacher University Care & Crisis Services
  Cornell University
  Ithaca, NY 


  Ann Raftery, RN, PHN, MS
  Associate Medical Director
  Curry International Tuberculosis Center
  University of California, San Francisco
  Berkeley, CA