Basics of MDR-TB Clinical Care: Online Video Series

Basics of MDR-TB Clinical Care: Online Video Series is comprised of a series of short, online lectures presented in easy to digest segments. The series will ultimately cover major topics pertaining to epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment regimens, monitoring and case management, side-effects, prevention and isolation, treatment of contacts, and special situations. A distinguished group of experts from public health and academia contributed to the writing and recording of the finalized series.

The first five installments in the online video series have been co-produced with the California Department of Public Health, Tuberculosis Control Branch (CDPH):

  1. MDR-TB: Epidemiology | Pennan Barry, MD, MPH
  2. MDR-TB: Diagnosis | Pennan Barry, MD, MPH
  3. MDR-TB: Building a Treatment Regimen | Lisa Chen, MD (pending update for inclusion of new ATS/CDC/IDSA/ERS Guidelines)
  4. Overview of Side Effects | Neha Shah, MD, MPH
  5. Nurse Case Management of MDR-TB | Lisa True, RN, MS | Leslie Henry, BSN, RN, PHN

Date of Release: December 2017 - March 2020

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