Latent TB Videos for Healthcare Providers

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Latent TB Videos for Healthcare Providers is a series of three videos designed to help providers talk to their patients about latent TB infection testing and treatment. The two-minute videos, produced by TB Free California in collaboration with CITC, cover the topics: Why Should I Get Testing for Latent TB?  Why Do I Need Treatment for Latent TB? and I Received the BCG Vaccine: Do I Still Need Latent TB Testing and Treatment?

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Please note:  These videos contains information about the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). They were produced prior to the release of updated guidelines from the CDC in February 2020.  For the most current guidance available regarding LTBI treatment, please see: Guidelines for the Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Recommendations from the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association and CDC, 2020

Date of Release: December 2018