Tuberculosis Infection Control: A Practical Manual for Preventing TB

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Tuberculosis Infection Control: A Practical Manual for Preventing TB, 2nd edition includes 4 expanded chapters, released in 2023, that cover:  Environmental Controls – Ventilation; Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms; Clinics; and Homeless Shelters. This final installation of the 2nd edition joins 3 other updated chapters released in 2022.

This manual is designed for use as a bridge between clinical and administrative staff and engineering consultants working to reduce the risk of tuberculosis transmission in health and community care settings. This manual complements introductory materials currently available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as the Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis, Chapter 6: Tuberculosis Infection Control. 

Co-edited by Paul Jensen, PhD, PE, CIH, and CITC Principal Investigator Lisa Chen, MD, this 2nd edition is available only online.

Watch this website for updates about a print version in 2024.

Date of second edition, 2023 updates: December 2023

Date of second edition, 2022 updates: December 2022

Date of first edition updates: 2011

Date of original release: 2007