Presentation slides

Presentation slides

Contact evaluation

Evaluation of a child with a positive TST (algorithm)

When a child is a contact to a TB case (algorithm) 

Instructions for families: Children exposed to TB 

Provider fact sheet: Exposure to TB 

Provider fact sheet: Window Prophylaxis 

Gastric aspirate / Sputum induction / Brochoalveolar lavage

Gastric aspirate procedure 

Comparison of yield for different culture collection methods (and references) 

Gastric aspirate information for families 

Gastric aspirate tips 

Gastric aspirate video demonstration 

LTBI treatment

Instructions for families: LTBI - Isoniazid (INH) 

Instructions for families: LTBI - Rifampin (RIF) 

Provider fact sheet: LTBI 

Provider fact sheet: LTBI - RIF

INH daily dosing table 

INH and rifapentine (RPT) dosing table (2 – 11 yrs) 

Medication delivery tips 

Sample form to monitor toxicity: INH 

Sample form to monitor toxicity: RIF 

Sample form to monitor toxicity: INH/RPT (3HP) 

Clinic intake form  

LTBI evaluation record  

Interferon Gamma Release Assays (IGRAs)

Selected resources 


Clinic intake form

TB risk assessment questionnaire

California TB Risk Assessment – Pediatrics

Pediatric LTBI Guideline

Screening of well children (algorithm)


Subacute adenitis information 

TB Disease Treatment

Instructions for families: TB disease 

Daily TB drug dosing tables

Treatment regimens

Options when no susceptibility/culture results are available

Medication delivery tips

Drug-resistant TB in children

Chapter 6: Pediatrics, from Drug-Resistant TB: A Survival Guide for Clinicians, 3rd edition

Tuberculin Skin Testing (TST)

Breakpoints for interpretation of TST results

Tuberculin Skin Testing website